Friday, August 8, 2008

Installing IP Messenger on Fedora 9

A couple of weeks ago, Nikki blogged about installing IP Messenger for Unix/Gnome2.  Just like he said, IP Messenger is a staple application in our office.  It’s very handy when we need to pass around large files like installers, music files, zipped archives of work stuff, or movies.

The description of this application from the site says

“This is a pop up style LAN Messenger for multi platforms.  It is based on TCP/IP(UDP).  It does not require server machine.  Simple, lightweight, and compact size.”

I think I promised to post the Fedora-specific instructions and dependencies, so here it is…

First, download the archive for Unix/Gnome2 from the site.  Then extract the archive.  From the terminal, go to the directory where you downloaded archive, and type:

tar -xzvf g2ipmsg-0.9.5.tar.gz

It is important to install the dependencies before we proceed.  On your terminal, as a root user, type:

yum install perl-XML-Parser libgnomeui-devel libpanelappletmm-devel gettext intltool

then type the following series of (familiar) commands to build and install ipmsg.

cd g2ipmsg-0.9.5



make install

then run it


You should then see the IP Messenger icon on your panel.

IP Messenger Icon

IP Messenger Icon (leftmost icon)

Click it to launch the IP Messenger window.

g2ipmsg screenshot

g2ipmsg screenshot

This instruction worked on my machine.  Did it work on yours?

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