Saturday, August 2, 2008

HowTo: Powerful Metric and Units Linux Conversion Tool

Does a scientific calculator scares you or your visitor aways from your seat? An online metric conversion site is miles away from your linux desktop internet connection? Worry not, here's a quick tip on how to have an offline metric conversion linux tool that could help most metric and scientific calculations that you might have. Read on.

Linux Metric Conversion Tool
On Fedora, there exist a linux application that can accomplish any metric conversion or most scientific calculations. This metric conversion linux tool can do a wide variety of mathematical conversion and calculations covering areas such as length, size, weight, time, linear, non-linear, speed, pressure, volume, temperature and more known mathematical unit conversions.

More specifically, this linux conversion tool can do 2439 units, 71 prefixes, 33 nonlinear units mathematical conversions in a flash!

What is Units

Units converts an amount from one unit to another, or tells you what mathematical operation you need to perform to convert from one unit to another. The units program can handle multiplicative scale changes as well as conversions such as Fahrenheit to Celsius.

Units Installation on Fedora
As small as 127K of bytes is needed to install units rpm on Fedora. Simply

# yum -y install units

If you want to the list of units this tool is capable of conversion, view /usr/share/units.dat.

Some sample usage:

# units 1hr+1minute seconds
* 3660
/ 0.00027322404

The above basically means that 1 hour and 1 minute have 3660 seconds.

# units 3ft m
* 0.9144
/ 1.0936133

More unit samples:

# units $5/yard cents/inch
# units 2btu+450ft lbf
# units 1/2kg kg/meter

Execute units without any parameters would give you interactive inputs and results like so
# units
You have: sqrt(acre)
You want:
Definition: 63.615034 m

Linux makes desktop operations complete. Enjoy!

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