Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How To Install TuxPuck Reflexive Mouse Game

Most PC games that are available today require user skills to be analytical, logical and skillful attacking the opponent in many various ways using a wide array of keyboard key combination commands. Here's a very simple, easy, reflexive and addicting linux game that you can install into your PC desktop to atleast kill time while enjoying it.

What is Tuxpuck Game?

TuxPuck is a shufflepuck game written in C using SDL. The player moves a pad around a board and tries to shoot down the puck through the opponents defence. Easy to play, difficult to win. Be warned that the game is addicting specially to aggressive game users!

Tuxpuck game require players to  move the mouse only on beating the other opponent. No opponent shooting, no mouse clicks attacks, no maps to memorize, no game jumping from one location to another, no game bonus, no healing and mushy game keyboard combinations - it totally does not require much of analytical mind's skill to play games like most available graphical games today.

Tuxpuck Strategy and Game Howto

The only way to beat the opponent is to outwit him in order to destroy the opponent's defence by moving the mouse and pushing puck into his own base line, as simple as that. However, the opponent's reflex is above the person's average reflex speed rate, so it take a lot to beat the other puck player.

TuxPuck Game Installation

# yum -y install tuxpuck

TuxPuck Screenshot


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