Saturday, August 2, 2008

How To Change the GRUB Menu Timeout on Fedora

When booting from Fedora and other rpm-based linux distro, pressing ESC key will take you to GRUB menu. By default, GRUB menu holds a default display timeout of 5 seconds. Here's an entry on how to modify your grub configuration file to increase or decrease GRUB timeout value.

Modify GRUB Display Timeout Value

To modify the default GRUB display timeout value, simply backup and edit /etc/grub.conf

# nano -w /etc/grub.conf

The file displays a default display timeout value of 5, as shown below


Change the number value to suit your need, you can increase or decrease it. The lowest value is 0.

Save and exit. Reboot.

Remember, increasing GRUB display timeout value also increases the time your linux loads the kernel and bootup your linux box, so consider the best GRUB timeout value you need.

All is done.


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