Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fedora on the EeePC

A very nice migration and installation experience of EeePC to Fedora 9 OS and a wonderful to read on.

Well I have fedora 9 on my eeepc, and on my HP Compaq nw8440 and on my Accer X1200 so as you can imagine it is a fairly easy operating system to install.

I first wanted to try this OS out because as I read more into Ubuntu (I was an openSuSE user) I tended to want to stray away from what they wanted to do…one of the unique things about the Linux users are that they want to be able to do anything with their OS…I use mine priarily for programming at school, and I personally like the saller distrbutions better.  I do not really like the direction that Ubuntu is headinng in.  Yes it is very polished and takes very little effort to get working on most machines however as it gets larger and larger i believe that any company can loose site of its objectives.  This can easily be seen with Apple, once they were able to do whatever they wanted and move into new markets fast, now they are becoming more and more like Microsoft.  I see Ubuntu taking the same steps, they are trying to make Linux more user friendly, which is great however, now people will see Ubuntu as Linux, this I believe is not a good thing, all of linux is not Ubuntu and thus I moved to Fedora.

Continued here.


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