Wednesday, November 1, 2006

white band

The white band is our common symbol of the global fight to end poverty.

It was agreed as a worldwide symbol by the Global Call to Action Against Poverty, the world's largest ever anti-poverty movement with organisations representing more than 150 million people in over 80 countries.

During the Global Month of Action this year, from 14 September to 17 October, there will be white band actions all over the UK and around the world.

The white band was the symbol of MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY in 2005, when 8 million people wore the white band in the UK. On the three White Band Days in 2005, people wore white and formed massive human bands, wrapped trees and lamp posts in white bands, and even wrapped whole buildings, from St Paul's Cathedral to the European Parliament.

The great thing about the white band is that it is simple and flexible, and can be used easily by anyone in the world, whatever their circumstances.

You can wear the white band in any way you like - as a wristband, an armband, a headband, or a lapel badge.

It is not necessary to wear a professionally produced white band - the vast majority of people around the world wearing one will make their own. You can make your own white band with a piece of fabric or paper.

Balloons are also a great way to engage people and create a moving white band. People can wear white, hold white balloons filled with helium, and move through a town or city centre, forming human chains around things on the way. This is really effective, with the train of white balloons highly visible above shoppers' heads and attracting children and their parents.

17 October 2006 is the fourth Global White Band Day. Across the world millions of people will show their support for the fight against poverty by wearing a white band, and will call on world leaders to do more to eradicate poverty.

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