Friday, May 19, 2006

naive evolutionary existence

today is friday. one of the most favorite days of the week. mine is still sunday.

been spidering the web, checking some of my old native online journals before, crawling these more-than-a-decade-old personal links is not an easy task compared to getting concepts and first timers howtos from the web. unfortunately, after spending minutes, most of them died without bidding their master goodbyes. amazing thoughts the internet world would be like this 2 decades ago. some of them just got killed due to non-paying domain owners, others just went down dead being deleted from server brought about by outstanding and cancerous page inactivity disease...

this brought me into compiling few evolutionary moments, ideas, events and a couple of screen shots i might have as i am posting live while crawling some of them. nope not nerd mode and the bad cave is far from where i sitting now. am sure all those old sickening medieval pages will all die sooner or later, atleast i can republish 'em.

had my very first basic programming exposure and basically an unpaid enjoyable programming late 1988's. this was with my brother. we did some basic and challenging pixelite graphical ATARI-based game,spending hours and enjoyful moments with it as we were trying to produce a workable bumbleegame. we make use of native keyboard and joystick then to interact with this bumblee game. atari-based keyboards already comes with dumb cpu, internal cartridge-type storage disk and external cassette tape as a source for howtos and data storage. USA and japan introduced them. got my very first intel-based x86 machine - the PC AT286 year 1991. years passed by. reverse-engineering most of borland's tool was one of my time-wasting hobby during late night hours then. sidekick was really a helpful tool for most coders from college, was addicted to these TSRs and IRQs. combining C/Pascal with Assembly language leading me to meet Borland and Norton works. amazed of the basic IT world i am with those times. really thought having a screen where you issue mouse gestures like hover it with group icons and do your kungfu thing. great, lighting fast thoughts, twas already existing, windows 3 was already there, bill gates was receiving financials for his works and oh, norton works was integrating with windows already. things was just great and disappointing. oh well.

years after the fast lanes...
some of them are forgotten amazing years. i would probably remember them by seconds for a few moments.
like my very first and last version of EXE file-infecting virus, very basic done in assemply.after successfully giving him life, she just infecteted the all EXE files under my system, it was a module loopback calling all EXE files in all subfolders starting from C:\... :( i spent eye-burning night hours creating it and received just a few minutes to force me to do a total OS reinstall, the virus died immediately without even a backup code, so happy and so sad. never tried it again. good!
i was leeching codes of the famous Love virus, and the giigle me Devil virus. the codes was great but not as stealthful as what we have now. linux 0.9 was born, it has now now with many distros and genes along with bsds. unix genes were already roaming bsd countries. and there was window$ 3.11 and chicagow window$, which unfortunately was not successful at the arena. VISTA was late for scheduled release date, but sure twill come accdg. to M$ site. what else, its all around us.
the earth is sick and dying!
Visual Basic was on version 3.0 still. Pascal was on 7 already. C++ is getting tremendous attentions already. oh great, cant forget that i did less than 37,000 lines of pascal source code alone to finish a simple text-based and mouse-supported school thesis ( a requirement to get your degree & diploma). burned 14 sleepless days and nights! serial networking was already there. i have finally graduated. i wasnt aware that time, LOL.
long breathhh...haha. i can still remember how i made these menu boxes (as its not windowed yet) to spur out total transparent shadow effects around it. useless.
sorry, phone calls. back.

my very first email registration happenned with , all free, and whooa, suprised to find out this domain still exists! this was like 12 years ago after the year of mids and mods oldies audio file types and before beepers and big mobile phones era. i remember i sent a couple of emails, and thats all.

my email was born. i spend most of the time searching browsing, reading sites, information hungrinness was too much to bear that time as the less famous ms-dos OS was already dying that time.

first made publicly available personal simple page came from, yahoo doesnt own them yet. a page very basic and simple. was just putting more of the sample pictures corner there and side here. dont have much memories of it as the page so slow i have to get back editing database structures before, and was just trying to get a feel of what would it looks like putting pix around the corners and stick-it-here-and-there stuff. spending some free time i guess. the connection was reallly slow.

this was the time when freaking mobiles were like more than 12 inches long and were like 2 kilos in weight! heeey, it was still with me, burried alive with my old forgotten boxes, still got $10USD bill with it as a souvenir though, so sad that MP3 doesnt exist yet.

as months and years went by, the longtitudes and temp. degree of earth changes, as years went away without a those moment reminding you every seconds of
the day,
was born. heard from my brother a site wherein there's a feature wherein you can upload songs, lots of pictures limited in size, edit them live and publish them as easy as 1 2 3 and go. publishing takes time as system resources and bandwidth issues were major reasons behind those years. cant do it on regular basis inside the cafe, but sure enjoyed that funny built-in stuff that comes along with the site as a member. domain still exists.

had my 200 GB google mail, then yahoo followed google email storage capacity year 2005. google ubuntu linux called gubuntu will soon be out hopefully this year 2006. mmm, they want to bear all M$ services in no time as they already did on search engines. 2 great minds. but dangerous g00gl3 cookie search engines... M$ is preparing beta tests with VISTA, perhaps everything else is beta dude!
i also had 3d desktop with my old fedora os. useless eye candy.


oops, my time is limited now.

these are some traces of my existence captured recently to remind me by. will add more screenshots from time to time.
Gen. McArthur once said:
"I shall return... "

life: got to go!


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