Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Goobuntu OS

Is google developing their own OS?

Google had denied many things in the past.
I still remember they were denying Google IM, now called Google Talk. They were also denying stocks share 2 years ago, google talk, google map and more other things.

The rumors said, the OS will be based with Ubuntu OS. It would be used internally for them but there is a possibility, that it would also be launched publicly along with the google browser like AOL browser and google chat. thse are unproven rumors still.

whatever Google plans to have, is for to me to wait.

defeating captcha

it is not an easy one. you would need some drawing combined with programming skills
plus artificial intelligence applied. worst, for every new captcha image created,
another module to be created, so the list goes on.

this one is harder to decode.

a few made it, google led me to some captcha decoder..
but major maintenance and support needed for every new algorithm of this captcha-image generator emerges. a good AI approach will bring in money for this one i guess...

fewer than brief

Brief spot:

few places i have lived
1. quiapo
2. sampaloc
3. project 8
4. antipolo city
5. las pinas city
6. alabang
7. bataan

always visited websites
1. provincial site
2. city site
3. google and yahoo
4. redhat and fedora linux sites
5. some job sites from time to time

few movies able to watch over and over again
1. unforgiven
2. young guns
3. godfather 1,2,& 3

few classic games enjoyed most
1. pacman
2. river raider

smiling ideas
1. lebanese bread with hot strong black coffee
2. mango juice and cigarettes
3. brandy and medicines
4. summer breeze
5. spring rice field dawns

few fave foods
1. hot and spicy ones of any
2. real hot and fast foods
3. spagetti and fast noodles

still doing
1. fighting boredom and homesickness
2. getting more of the keyboard and screen interaction
3. driving single motors and snipping fresh air

if i have $1M dollar to spend in luxury within 7 days
1. would buy a harley davidson's big bike i saw in dubai
2. would bring my family and have a visit to mysterious countries like
jerusalem, egypt again, india, morocco, mexico, a few italy and china perhaps
3. visit wonder hotels and beaches

favorite keyboard function keys
1. F5 and enter keys
2. shift+inser and shift+delete keys
3. ctrl+U and ctrl+A

enjoys me most aside from family
1. motorcycling
2. computers
3. WWW
4. sunsets

four numbers i have
1. 33
2. 4
3. 14
4. 24

most clicked messengers
1. YM
3. chikka

channel most showed in TV screen
1. seven (7)


will add more from time to time...

geommetrical harddisk error

have you ever heard of it?
all my years of working with PCs, this is the first time it was showed from my screen.
sure it was harddisk related error as the phrase says, but was it hardware related issue that pushed windows to show "hey, i cannot fix this since it is geommetrical error and am afraid to do something about it" message box or was it the OS?

sad to say, this was yesterday with one workstation a Compaq Evo. oh well, many crappy things from window$ XP, for years they are still fighting with it. another reformat and reload, duh.

would try Ubuntu with another partition this evening with the same system though i prefer rpm-based linux distro like fedora. am planning to try FC5T2 this weekend from my box at home.

Monday, January 30, 2006

my totally 3d desktop

oh well, just another weekend spent, never touch any phone and mobile -
my minie remote control only, some kind of fresh-air-ventilation in one place i guess.

hey, just saw a 3d post from a forum, and figure out i can have a new 3d cool desktop with my box, happenned a few days ago...see attached pix.

until recently spending 30 mins, i combined it with a 3d-cube effect , so i have this 9 selection desktop squares representing 3d desktop inside those squares, where i can work with, and i just figured out that these 9 selection box of squares desktop can be turned down to a nanogon (rolling both sideways) desktop too, so its a combination of 2 sets of 3d desktop plugins.
this enabled me to choose from in a keystoke or 2.

oh, this has been made possible using metisse + 3ddesktop + nucleo under ATI X600 video card, under Fedora Core 4 Linux OS, all tarballs were experimental and not for desktop replacement, just an experimental project. google and a forum leads me unto it.
here is a wider view of it here

have spent more hours installing my ATI Radeon Mobility X600 driver than making it work all together.

cool and sweet.. but useless.

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